How to Install PornAppX in Iphone

We are sorry we can not have an app for Iphone, but the policies to upload our app make it impossible to have it in the app store. We could upload our app but it would only be for jailbreak phones. So we decided that the best solution to this is to create a shortcut.

If you want to know how to create a shortcut on the screen of your iPhone to quickly enter your favorite websites enter Safari and search the web as you would normally. Once in it, click on the share button> Add to homescreen.

Now, a screen opens where you can customize the name of the shortcut. This name will be the one that will show just below the shortcut on the home screen> Click on add.

So practical and simple the icon of that chosen website will be displayed on your home screen. You can have one or several, depending on your needs.

If with time you want to modify your shortcuts on the home screen, you just have to leave the icon pressed until you give the option ‘Delete’ in the same way you would with an installed app.

Remember go to for make the shortcut.


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Add to Home Screen

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